Round Water Proof LED Dek Dots Light Kit by Dekor

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Dek Dot Flush mount LED light kit from Dekor

Available in Standard or NexGen LED ~ Down or Stair Options Available!

The Dek Dots are a 7/8" - 1-watt diameter light that is made with a polycarbonate lens that one installed they are virtually unseen and unfelt underfoot. 

Outdoor Recessed Dek Dot LED Light Kit:

Dek Dots, our second generation LED recessed lights, are tiny waterproof deck lights "designed to be walked upon". They install totally flush with the surface, making them virtually unseen - and "unfelt" underfoot. Originally intended as deck and patio lights, these versatile LED lights are also used for docks, pathways, walkways, driveways and more. Embed in wood, composite decking, and concrete with confidence. The kit comes complete with almost everything you need for a starter project, just add wire.


  • LED Green Technology:  LEDs require up to 80% less energy than traditional light sources; our Dek Dots will save energy and money over the lifetime of the product.
  • CREE LEDs: DEK DOTS are built with high-quality CREE LEDs, known for their super bright light, long life and superior energy efficiency. DEKOR™ is a CREE LEDs Branding Partner.
  • Dimmable warm white light. The lights share the same light spectrum as other DEKOR lighting (3200° K), the ambiance of incandescent lighting. The lights are also dimmable with DEKOR's EZDIMMERWP.
  • Long lasting and durable:  Dek Dots have transparent polycarbonate covers that will not yellow with age. The lights are built to withstand years of "wear and tear": the polycarbonate used is nearly indestructible and pound for pound tougher than the strongest aluminum. We stand behind all our LED recessed lights with our industry leading 10-year warranty.
  • Expandable: Our outdoor Dek Dot kit comes with 8 light elements. The kit is expandable meaning you can add additional lights up to the number supported by the transformer or power supply. If you need more lights, you can just upgrade the transformer. 

 Each kit contains: 

  • 8 - LED DEK DOT Light Elements
  • 1 - Custom Ground Forstner Bit with depth stop
  • 1 - EZ Outdoor Waterproof Power Driver (36 watt)
  • 1 - EZ Photocell Timer (dusk to dawn Timer) with variable timed off settings
  • 1 - Transformer to Splitter WP Connector 20’ length
  • 2 - 6-Port PLUG-N-PLAY Splitters
  • 9 - PLUG-N-PLAY 5’ Cables
  • 1 - 20 ' Transformer to Splitter Connector
  • 9 - Mounting Screws
  • 1 - Installation Instructions 
  • Pig Tail ~ 5"

The power supply / transformer included with this kit supports up to THIRTY (30) Dek Dots. 

NOTE: Wire is not included as each project is unique.

DEKOR is now making the majority of our products Plug-N-Play. We listened to the feedback from our customers, and simple, user-friendly installation was top of the list.

Our Plug-N-Play Connector System is completely self-sealing, removing the need for stripping wires and wire nuts. Plug-N-Play takes the guesswork out of installation; no need to track the polarity (red and black wires) because DEKOR connectors are keyed to plug in the correct way. With the introduction of the new EZ Plug-N-Play Splitter you can now junction up to 4 lights into one device streamlining the whole installation process. Do you DIY? You will love the ease of installation. If you're a professional, you will love how Plug-N-Play drastically cuts installation time and cost. 


Click HERE for Installation:

Click HERE for 4 - pack of lights:


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