FusionLoc Pneumatic Fasteners

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FusionLoc Fasteners by Fasten Master

FastenMaster introduces us to the new collated hidden deck fastening system, FUSIONLoc. Fusing strength and speed, this innovative new system uses a special nailer to simultaneously install the clip and the fastener. The nailer uses two components, “scrails” which are hybrid screw/nail fasteners that get loaded into a top cartridge, like a traditional coil nailer, and the second component is the clip of spacers, which are loaded in the lower track. Once the tool is loaded and the perimeter board has been fastened in place, position the tool on the joist, align the tool into the groove of the first deck board, and release the trigger. This installs the fastening system to the same depth and spacing every time. 


  • 225sq. Ft. Coverage (400 ~ fasteners + 400 screws)
  • 400sq. Ft. Coverage (800 ~ fasteners + 800 screws)


  • Fasteners
  • Screws
  • T10 Driver Bit 

About this product...

Fusion Lock pneumatic fasteners provide a secure, fast, and reliable method of attaching your Timbertech deck board to the structural joist.

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