HidFast Joist Attachment

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HidFast Decker Tool Joist Attachment Tool

The Hidfast joist attachment is used when you’re installing pre-grooved decking. The attachment mounts to the back of the tool and registers the level of the fastener precisely off the joist surface rather than the top of the decking. By adjusting the attachment up or down, you can fire fasteners with the spur at the precise height off the joists to match the groove height on the deck boards. You’ll need this when installing dense composite decking and hardwoods to save the difficulty driving the oncoming decking onto the fastener spurs. Some builders leave the accessory attachment on my HIDfast tool and don’t find it interferes with standard operation.   This tool features a unique design that allows it to drive nails or screws at a 45-degree angle, which helps to strengthen the connection between the joist and the beam/ledger board. The angled attachment also helps to prevent splitting of the wood and allows for a cleaner and more professional finish. The HidFast Decker Tool Joist Attachment Tool is lightweight and can be easily held with one hand. It comes with an adjustable depth control feature that lets you set the nail or screw depth. This feature ensures that the fasteners are not overdriven, which can cause damage to the deck board or joist. Overall, the HidFast Decker Tool Joist Attachment Tool can be a useful tool for DIYers and professionals alike as it simplifies and speeds up the deck-building process.


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