HidFast Dead Blow Mallet

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Dead Blow Mallet for HidFast Gun

Mallet used to drive HidFast clip nails into boards. This Dead Blow Mallet for the HidFast Gun is a hammer that is used to install deck fasteners hidden from view, resulting in a clean deck surface with no visible fasteners. The HidFast Gun is a pneumatic gun used to nail deck boards to a deck frame. The Dead Blow Mallet is used in conjunction with the HidFast Gun to ensure the deck boards are properly seated and secured to the deck frame. The Dead Blow Mallet is an innovative tool designed to provide a consistent force without damaging the deck boards during installation. The mallet is filled with a specific weight of shot that creates a dead blow effect, reducing bounce-back and recoil. This ensures that there is no damage to the deck board and that the fasteners are properly seated. In conclusion, the Dead Blow Mallet for HidFast Gun is a highly useful tool for deck installation, ensuring a clean deck surface with no visible fasteners, and consistent, precise installation with minimal damage to the deck boards.


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