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Garden Lighting for Decks and Patios

Post lighting is a type of outdoor lighting that is typically mounted on a post or pole. It is commonly used to illuminate pathways, walkways, driveways, and other areas of the landscape. Path lighting is a type of outdoor lighting that is typically used to light pathways, walkways, and other areas of the landscape. Path lighting is usually installed along the edges of the path, or in a line leading from one area to another. Nothing enhances your garden’s ambience as dramatically as lighting that brings beauty to your natural landscape long after day turns to night. At Deck Expressions, we offer a wide range of lighting options, such as solar motion sensor security, path and landscape lights from Classy Caps as well as landscape lighting from top-level manufacturers like High Point, RDI, Deckorators, and Fortress. All of these offer perfect options for brightening up darker paths and walkways as well as highlighting your garden’s beautiful decorative stepping stones after night falls. Don’t sell your walkways and garden short by limiting them to sunlight beauty only!

From pathways to trees, the Classy Caps High Performance Solar Spotlight bring professional outdoor lighting results at a very reasonable cost with a simple installation process as well. These durable lights can be used just about anywhere and features power-sipping LED bulbs and all-weather metal housing. Automatically turning on low at first and brightening when motion is detected, these practical solar lights make this truly versatile spotlight a must-have for your outdoor living areas! A great alternative for lighting dimly lit paths or enhancing ambiance to a flower bed, Classy Caps provides the perfect solution available right here at Deck Expressions!

Dekor is another top manufacturer that helps light up your steps and darker areas to create both ambiance and safety! Their step lighting is a  Low Voltage under step light option, the perfect unassuming yet affective touch for beauty and safety.

Deckorators and High Point Lighting also offer various step lighting options that fit your needs regardless of your personal taste and preference….all available right here at Deck Expressions!

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