Hidden Deck Fasteners


Hidden Deck Fasteners for Decking

When you build your ideal deck, you don’t want fasteners interfering with the look of it and you definitely don’t want screws or fasteners protruding from the surface. Deck Expressions offers a wide range of deck and trim fasteners that remain out of sight while securely fastening your deck to the joist. We carry all the top brands like Tiger Claw, Cortex, Camo, and more.

Fastener Tools

One of the newest and easiest ways to install your decking is the Camo deck fastener system. This system uses specialized bits, screws, and tools to deliver fasteners right where they need to be — out of sight and with an ideal hold between the deck and the joist. We offer a Camo fastener deck pack to help get you started. This set comes with Camo screws, two drill bits, and a Marksman Camo deck tool for proper screw fastening.

If you don’t need the full kit, we also offer Camo tools by themselves. Choose from the Camo edge tool, fastening tool, pro fastening tool, pro tool X-1, or the Camo pro-NB. Each option delivers hidden deck fasteners where they need to be while giving your deck an uncluttered finish. Contact Deck Expressions now to find out which Camo deck fastener is right for you depending on style and finish.


Choice of the pros!

HIDfast Pneumatic Installation Guns are the fastest, easiest way to get a fastener free surface for a lasting, beautiful appearance, without bending over all day. Patented, worry-free, stainless steel fasteners are collated for easy handling and quick loading. Patent pending pneumatic tool delivers precise, consistent, effortless, installation. There are 2 installation guns available. The Hid Fast Decker tool and the Edgefast tool

Concealed Fasteners

Our Cortex deck hidden deck fasteners allow you to hide fasteners while face mounting your decking. Sometimes you need an option that allows you to go through the top of your deck and then conceal the fasteners later. Cortex provides a series of drill bits, screws, and concealer plugs so you can safely and securely fasten your deck. The setting tool and plugs ensure a steady hold that remains invisible after the plug has been set. This economical hidden fastener system will let you build a beautiful, sturdy deck.

Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw deck systems offer a wide range of hidden deck fastener options. The Tiger Claw gun makes installation a breeze. It lets you install most pre-grooved decks available. Tiger Claw also offers a wide range of soft and hardwood hidden deck fasteners to give you maximum options for hidden fastener deck installation.

Stowaway Hidden Fasteners

Deckorators Stowaway hidden fasteners discreetly secure deck boards to joists using the grooved edges of decking. The Stowaway screw comes preloaded, making the installation process faster, saving time and money. Stowaway hidden fasteners provide a fastener-free look and consistent 1/4" spacing between deck boards. Deck boards are automatically spaced at proper intervals, and the need for pre-drilling and countersinking are eliminated.

Smooth, Professional Finish

Give your deck the smooth, professional finish it deserves with one of our many hidden deck and trim fastener options. Our Camo deck fastener is one of our most popular and easy to use systems. It works on treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite, and even PVC deck board.

We Can Help

Contact Deck Expressions with any questions you have about hidden deck fasteners. We’re available 24 hours a day to help you pick the perfect system to install your decking. Don’t just drill screws through the top of your deck board. Hide your fasteners to give your deck a cleaner look and a longer life!

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